Did You Know a Dental Implant Can Make Your Smile Stronger?

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The loss of one or several teeth creates unattractive gaps in your smile that not only affect its appearance, but also reduce its quality. This can lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay, and loose teeth. If you have suffered tooth loss, we may recommend dental implants to restore your smile’s strength by providing greater stability.

No doubt, you are aware that tooth loss comes with many negative side effects, but did you know that your jawbone can actually weaken as a result? When placed in the jawbone, a dental implant can halt bone loss and make the bone stronger and healthier by providing support.

To further enhance the benefit of dental implants, our dentist covers the implant with a custom-crafted dental restoration such as a crown or bridges that blends with the color, size, and shape of your surrounding teeth. In addition to restoring your smile’s aesthetic appeal, this provides a stable foundation for the dental implant.

Through consistent oral hygiene habits, you can properly care for your dental implant and enable it to provide a lifetime of support for your smile. If you would like to know more about the uses of dental implants in Park Ridge, Illinois, give our team a call at (847) 692.6800 today and schedule a time to come see us at Family Dental Care Park Ridge. Dr. Matthew Demas, Dr. Lindsay Diaz, and Dr. Bryce Larson are here to help you with all of your oral health needs!