Implant-Supported Dentures Offer Long-Term Tooth Replacement

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Missing teeth can be a major setback, but because dentistry has undergone major advancements in recent years, you have many options to regain your smile. Dr. Matthew Demas may recommend that you receive implant-supported dentures for tooth replacement if you have suffered extensive or complete tooth loss. Implant dentures are secured to the jawbone instead of just resting on the gums so that you can enjoy a long-term and secure fit.

Implant dentures require a jawbone that is strong and dense and can support your dentures and dental implants. For this reason, it will take longer to place an implant denture than a conventional denture because we need to take dental X-rays and place the dental implants in your jawbone before placing the denture. Temporary dentures can be used to restore your teeth in the short term until your implant dentures are complete.

Implant dentures come in two styles, which use a bar or ball feature. Bar-retained dentures have a thin metal piece that attaches to the implants and then clips to the dentures. Bar-retained dentures involve denture sockets that fit over a ball that rests on the implants.

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