Poor Oral Hygiene Habits Can Cause a Cavity to Form on a Tooth

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If you’ve struggled to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits, it can have an adverse effect on the health of your teeth. This can bolster the bacteria living in your mouth, encouraging them to attack weakened areas of tooth enamel. A small area of tooth decay, often referred to as a cavity, can continue to spread, causing any number of potential complications. With early detection, diagnosis, and treatment, your dentist, Dr. Matthew Demas, can often repair a modest-sized cavity with a dental filling.

The process starts with Dr. Matthew Demas performing a thorough examination of the tooth. This will likely include taking some X-rays to make sure the decay hasn’t penetrated the critical internal structures of the tooth.

So long as the tooth decay is limited to the tooth enamel layer, Dr. Matthew Demas will use a drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. Then, he can start the process of applying a dental filling. The material he recommends for the filling will be based on the tooth’s location and its prevalence in your smile.

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